Playing into the earth at Rawhiti cave

Dried, drilled and almost ready to sing

At work in Waihola

It was a rainy day in Dunedin January 2009 as we were hitching with a sign reading “SOMEWHERE DRY” when we were taken by a beautiful couple who welcomed us into their home for two nights and ended up offering a place for some drying elder branches to spend the year. Well during our three weeks back in New Zealand this January we spent an amazing week with our friends at their lakeside home sharing meals, stories, inspiration and laughter alongside the drilling and bark removal preparing the dry elder branches to bring to Australia where they’ll be turned into flutes. Thankyou so much Richard and Lucy.

It’s exciting to have so much material, nice and dry, just waiting to be worked on. I can’t wait to see, hear and feel what all these branches are going to turn into.


First market stall

Yesterday I had my first ever market stall at the Stirling Market. It was a beautiful day, full of interesting wonderful people. I sold a flute that was finished during the shortest day of this year and played around the fire that longest night.

On this, the longest day of the year I’ll be working on a nice light flute…

Australian Elder

a selection of flutes which are currently gracing our ears with their music

It has been difficult finding Elder trees in the Adelaide hills compared to the forests of central Europe, but what I have been able to gather has been drying and every day is closer to being worked on. I’ve enough to work on that I’m going to start attending the Stirling Market and I’m looking forward to getting in touch with all the colourful folk that the market will have on offer.

Thanks to everyone who’s been able to help me out and give me tips on finding trees so far!